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OPM Group is part of an exciting three year project to develop connected driverless vehicles in the UK for an ageing society

Tuesday 6 June 2017


FLOURISH is a three year government funded project which aims to advance the successful implementation of connected driverless vehicles in the UK. The project is worth 5.5 million and is being delivered by a multi-sector consortium.
It is anticipated that older adults with ageing-related impairments and people with mobility needs will be particular beneficiaries of such technology, supporting them to lead more active and independent lives. FLOURISH has a deliberate focus on meeting the needs of these target groups and hopes to accelerate their ability to become early adopters of connected driverless vehicles.
OPM Group’s role on FLOURISH is to conduct research and engagement with stakeholders and members of the public from the identified target groups to understand the pragmatic challenges and opportunities for the use of connected driverless vehicles. The findings from our research and engagement are informing the vehicle trialling and development of the technology and services that are being taken forward by FLOURISH partners.
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