Utilities, Transport, Infrastructure and Environment


How can you make sure that people’s views inform your plans for delivering core utility services such as water and energy?

Do you want to build effective partnerships with local stakeholders to deliver environmental improvements and create sustainable communities?

Would you be interested in exploring ways to change customers’ behaviours so that they conserve resources and reduce their impact on the environment?

OPM helps to put the customer and public voice at the heart of decision-making within numerous organisations involved in protecting the environment and building new, customer-focused utilities.

Our work includes helping water companies to engage their customers in the price-setting process, conducting research with residents to inform local environmental strategies, and engaging stakeholders about how local people can create low carbon communities.

We have also conducted comprehensive evaluations and stakeholder engagement exercises for organisations including the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs into issues ranging from the creation of low carbon communities to the future of food and farming.

Our services include:

In addition, with our colleagues in Dialogue by Design, we are able to carry out large scale online public consultations for utilities that ensure customers influence business plans as well as meeting requirements set by regulators.