Health and Social Care


How can you design and deliver a truly integrated health and social care system that takes account of patient feedback?

What organisational strategies can you use to deliver better healthcare from limited resources?

How can you achieve higher quality and safer care by investing in your leaders and frontline staff?

Are there more effective ways to demonstrate true patient and public engagement? 

How should health services listen better?

OPM Group has been working with health organisations and patients for many years. We support patients to have a say in decisions that affect them and how services are designed for them. We support health providers with complaints analysis, consultation analysis, engagement activities, research and evaluation. Please find a summary of our services and examples of our work HERE. We hope you will contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation to listen better.

OPM’s healthcare team helps to bridge the gap between evidence, policy and practice by providing the knowledge, inspiration and support necessary to achieve meaningful change.

We work by linking our development support to your strategic priorities and action plans. As trusted advisors and critical friends, we seek to stimulate your own capacity and capability for leadership and problem-solving.

Many members of our team are former NHS senior executives and clinicians and we are accustomed to working at all levels within a dynamic and changing healthcare system, from government policy-makers to frontline staff.

Our areas of expertise include:

Examples of the type of support we have provided recently include:

Developing Clinical Commissioning Groups to reach their potential – OPM has helped numerous CCGs move from pathfinder status to nascent organisations. Our support has been used to build consensus amongst CCG members for clinical commissioning priorities; improve governance structures and decision-making processes, especially for monitoring safety and quality; develop executive and clinical leadership; and involve patients in the design of new care pathways.

Enabling NHS boards to govern effectively, particularly in stressful circumstances – Through team development and executive coaching, we have supported chairs, non-executives, chief executives and directors’ teams to tackle “sticky” issues, from serious concerns about patient safety to remaining in financial balance.

Helping a whole health economy plan for winter pressures through a behavioural simulation exercise – OPM’s simulation ensured health and social care leaders in Bath and north east Somerset were able to bring fresh perspectives and new approaches to addressing the rising demand for urgent and emergency care.

Ensuring patients and the public have a voice about major changes to local health services – OPM has supported several consultations about re-shaping local hospital services, from A&E and urgent care, to maternity and children’s services. We have conducted focus groups targeted at population groups most likely to be affected by the service changes, including protected groups; facilitated clinical involvement and workgroups; engaged with health professional staff; chaired meetings and led road shows to engage the wider public.

Producing new evidence about the value of involving patients in healthcare decisions – We recently evaluated the Health Foundation’s MAGIC Shared Decision-Making Progamme, producing insights and improvement stories that demonstrate the value of patients being involved in their treatment and care decisions.