Organisational development and change management facilitation

Leadership development and coaching

Our leadership development and coaching equips managers with the skills they need to get the most from their teams and to change their ways of working to implement change.

We work with leaders and aspiring leaders who help to deliver services to the public, including those in the NHS, national and local government and the voluntary and community sectors. Our bespoke programmes enhance leaders’ impact and improve their relationships with colleagues and partners – resulting in more efficient use of resources and better outcomes for citizens.

 You will learn how to deal with leadership challenges, including how to:

Our specialist, one-to-one coaching for executives allows them to focus on their impact in the role and to examine difficult questions about service quality, budget constraints and forward planning in a confidential setting. Leaders who have worked with us report increased confidence in their own performance and ability to influence the performance of colleagues in their own teams as well as in partner organisations.