Consultation and engagement

Patient and public participation

OPM’s team has extensive experience of engaging the public and patients in the health and social care sectors. We have engaged patients in service redesign, run (pre-) consultation phases of health service reconfiguration programmes, and projects that involve patients in decisions about their care and promote self-management.

Often our research and engagement work involves disadvantaged patients such as people with mental health problems, the homeless, the elderly and families with a low socio economic status.

Our recent work includes:

The methods we have used include deliberative dialogues, public meetings, Citizens’ Juries, patient advisory panels, focus groups, surveys, roadshows, open days and fairs, campaigns, interactive websites.

Collaborative approaches include behavioural simulations, Open Space and World Café events, asset-mapping workshops, customer journey mapping and experience-based design methods. We offer digital engagement technologies, such as online consultation, social media, and virtual communities.

When done well, engagement ensures that public, patients and stakeholders contribute meaningfully and tangibly towards shaping the future of their local health services.