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Corporate Responsibility at OPM Group: our Commitment to Communities

Friday 30 June 2017

At OPM Group, our Corporate Responsibility work engages with 4 main areas:

  • Our business-based social purpose
  • Our neighbours & local communities
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Employee engagement and organisational diversity

We believe that for corporate responsibility work to benefit communities, it needs to be ongoing, community-driven, and transparent.

As a Living Wage Employer whose social purpose is to support and champion the delivery of social impact and help people have a say in the decisions that affect them, corporate responsibility is the fabric of our business model and activities.

Current Connections and Activities

In January 2017, we joined the Heart of the City network, a London business led-charity, to engage with other socially committed organisations in London and continue to grow our firm commitment to corporate responsibility. As part of our programme we became a Living Wage employer in April. Our activities have included research for the Migration Museum Project; community walks to identify local needs which we can contribute to and surveys to assess how we can improve our environmental sustainability.

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