Preparing for consultation

In order for the programme to evolve positively, it is important that any proposed consultation has been influenced by knowledge from both internal and local stakeholders as well as service users and other members of the public.

Involving internal stakeholders such as hospital staff brings profound insights into the services you may wish to change. Local stakeholders, including community and voluntary groups and local care providers, offer valuable information about how changes might impact on the people that they support. The public and patients will reveal important preferences and suggestions highlighting which parts of your proposals are likely to evoke support or concern, meaning you can make adjustments early on.

We can provide the platform to enable you to successfully conduct effective pre-consultation both online and offline:
We can design, recruit for and professionally facilitate public and stakeholder events which encourage discussion, learning, reflection and debate. These tailored events typically involve a mix of activities, such as small group discussions, conversations with clinical experts, and real time feedback via interactive voting.
We have the tools to administer digital engagement, supporting online consultations and reaching out to virtual communities through various social media channels.
We can offer training and support, building the capacity of your staff to run effective engagement processes, also through embedded support.
We can advise and co-develop the wider consultation strategy to ensure a rigorous formal consultation process, compliant with statutory requirements.


Some examples of our work:

To inform Macmillan Cancer Support’s five year cancer strategy, we tested new models for organising local cancer architecture at an interactive session with senior policy and clinical leaders , to see how they may work in practice.

We evaluated a complex whole system transformational change programme for Nottingham CCG , Nottingham City Council and CityCare Partnership. The programme aimed to meet the needs of people with long term conditions and transform the way community services are commissioned and provided for this population. We demonstrated outcomes and captured learning to help shape and improve the delivery of the programme over the two-year implementation phase.

We co-designed a variety of engagement approaches with programme boards, clinical leaders and patient advocates during the pre-consultation stage of NHS North West London’s Shaping a Healthier Future reconfiguration programme. Engagement activities ranged from public meetings to deliberative events representative of the local population. These enabled participants to understand the need for service changes, and to contribute fresh evidence to proposed models of care.