Transforming health and social care services

Changes to health and social care services will have a great impact on service users, the public in general, and a range of public and private stakeholders, including health and social care commissioners and providers. It will require high quality, good value engagement to design and implement.

Testing and refining your case for change

Our experience shows that engaging with patients, stakeholders and the wider public in building a case for change can bring new and valuable insights to the process of redesigning services and broaden support for proposed changes. Investment in honest, transparent and open conversations at this stage will help you build trust and collaboration on the case for change among your target audiences.

Preparing for consultation

Discussing and refining initial proposals with local stakeholders prior to any wider public consultation avoids proposals being developed in isolation, and ensures that interfaces with the wider health system are considered.

Appraising your options

At the options appraisal stage we can help you move from a long list of options to one or more preferred options, through a robust and auditable appraisal process. By involving a wider set of people in this stage, from political stakeholders to service users, the final outcome of the appraisal is achieved through a consensus building process. Stakeholders are able to understand and challenge the pathway to the preferred option, leading to better decision making and more focused and meaningful feedback during the formal consultation period.

Running your public consultation

Public consultation enables you to obtain views and feedback on one or more specific configuration options from the wider public in an open and auditable manner. A multi-channel approach including online, written and targeted face-to-face engagement gives you the full spectrum of opinion on your proposals and ensures that everyone who wants to has a say on the decisions that affect them.