Scoping study – Quality Assurance in the Voluntary and Community Sector

Monday 30 April 2012


This report is the result of a scoping exercise into the ways in which the voluntary and community sector (VCS), voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) and funders and commissioners of VCOs use and perceive quality standards.

Voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) are increasingly expected to demonstrate to funders and commissioners their approach to quality assurance. Quality standards are one way of doing this.

This scoping study gathered evidence about which quality standards are in use in the voluntary and community sector (VCS), how they are used and adapted and how standards are perceived.

The aim of the research was to find evidence about the types of quality standards that are available to the VCS, how they are used and how useful they are to whom. This in turn enabled BIG Lottery to consider the value it attaches to such standards as part of its assessment process.