Evaluation report – Learning into practice project

OPM was commissioned to produce an evaluation report on the Learning into Practice Project (LiPP) which was funded under DfE’s Innovation Programme and ran by NSPCC and SCIE.

The LiPP was testing a proof of concept – aiming to establish what is needed on an ongoing and sustainable basis to improve the quality and use of Serious Case Reviews (SCR)  in England. The LiPP consisted of four main workstreams:

  • developing a mechanism for collating and producing accessible information on practice issues and causes from SCRs
  • the establishment of a strategic Alliance of national strategic and leadership bodies to consider and implement improvement work, from a national perspective, as a result of SCR findings
  • supporting commissioning and conduct of reviews through a set of Quality Markers
  • improving lead reviewer expertise through a series of masterclasses

Our evaluation was asked to explore:

  • stakeholder perceptions of the potential for the new mechanisms being developed and tested to achieve improvements in the quality and use of SCRs in the future, and in turn, better outcomes for children and families
  • what might be needed for these mechanisms to become sustainable and implemented on an ongoing basis

The evaluation involved 63 qualitative interviews with those involved in LiPP activities; and an online survey aimed at non-participants in the LiPP activities to explore wider views on the proposals. 126 people completed this. Alongside the external evaluation, the project team conducted an internal evaluation of the LiPP, focussing on describing the mechanisms being tested, and the emerging learning from these.

Please find this report and other evaluation reports under the same Innovation Programme on DfE’s website.