Evaluation of the Proactive Grants Programme in Autism

Monday 3 March 2014


In April 2013, the Clothworkers’ Foundation commissioned OPM and independent consultant Linda Redford to evaluate the Proactive Grants Programme in Autism (PGPA).

The PGPA was established in 2008, with £1.25 million allocated over five years. The programme’s aims were to: improve the lives of people with autism and their families/carers; improve awareness, knowledge and understanding of the condition; and contribute to raising the profile of the sector at a local and national level.

The evaluation considered the impacts of the six funded projects, and generated learning around the proactive grants process. It included interviews with the Clothworkers’ Foundation, recipients of proactive and open grants, beneficiaries of the funded projects and stakeholders in the wider autism sector, as well as online surveys and a review of project documentation.