Citizens’ Jury on information for women about breast screening

Monday 24 December 2012

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening at King’s Health Partners commissioned the OPM to design and run a Citizens’ Jury to consider how to present the benefits and harms of breast screening generated by the Independent Review of Breast Screening in October 2012 in the information sent to women invited for screening.

The objectives of the jury were to seek recommendations on how to present information in the leaflet accompanying the invitation to attend breast screening, in particular:

  • How to describe the mortality benefit associated with breast screening using words and the size of the benefit using graphics;
  • How to describe the risk of overdiagnosis associated with breast screening using words and graphics;
  • The level of detail on overdiagnosis needed for an informed decision;
  • Whether ductal carcinoma in situ should be described and the level of detail;
  • How to set out the mortality benefit and risk of overdiagnosis against each other in such a way that women can make an informed choice; and
  • How to describe the scientific uncertainty around current estimates of mortality benefit and overdiagnosis.