Toolkit for Change – Canterbury District Council


In Canterbury District Council, Rob Francis, Richard Field and Sue Goss worked with the top fifty managers to develop commercial and entrepreneurial skills and inspire new ways of thinking that could lead to more creative service design.

What did we do

Drawing on research about best practice both in the local authority and elsewhere, we designed and ran three Toolkit for Change ‘challenge and creativity’ workshops  – incorporating best practice from other councils, communities and the commercial world, framed clearly within the core values of public service.

Lenses for reviewing public service included channel shift, new forms of ownership and public service delivery, asset mapping and unlocking the capacity within local communities / partners, creative thinking and ways of valuing public impact and investment. In between workshop sessions, managers and staff worked on ideas, challenges and possibilities culminating in preparation and presentation of business cases for change to a panel in the final session.


Feedback on the process and benefits can be seen on this short video.