South East London Commissioning Strategy Programme – Local Stakeholder Engagement Events


The south east London Commissioning Strategy Programme brought in OPM to design and facilitate two local stakeholder events to inform the development of a new five year commissioning strategy for health services across south east London.

The six NHS organisations (Clinical Commissioning Groups – or CCGs) in south east London with the job of planning and buying local healthcare services, are working in close partnership with local councils, NHS hospitals, mental health and community service providers and with local people, patients and other key stakeholders to develop the  strategy.

Its aims are to improve health services for everyone in the London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham, and Southwark. The strategy will address those issues that cannot be solved by one area alone or where there is more that can be achieved by working together.

What we did

OPM invited key local stakeholders from the voluntary and public sector to these events to share their views on health services in south east London, and to learn more about the partners’ shared emerging vision for local healthcare services.

A large proportion of the participants at the events were from a Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS) or health service delivery background. Other participants included Healthwatch representatives and a small number of service providers.

Participants shared their views on the emerging strategy across seven key areas: Urgent and emergency care, Primary and community care, Maternity, Children and young people, Integrated care for physical and mental health, Planned care, and, Cancer.

Our engagement approach was designed for participants to learn about the background and strategy, and to share their views on emerging thinking. We wanted to test the thinking of the SE London Commissioning Strategy Programme to date, and identify what local stakeholders agree with and what needs more work.

OPM facilitated the events, with input from a Programme representative. The event mixed plenary sessions with facilitated table discussions, also providing participants with information sheets reflecting early thinking and clinical experts were at hand to give expert input on the emerging strategy, in particular the specific Clinical Leadership Group themes.


Participants at the local stakeholder events welcomed the overall direction of the strategy, but also raised a number of questions regarding its implementation. Issues such as joined up working and continuity of care, variability in quality of care and patient outcomes were discussed. A strong message coming out of the events was the need for involving patients in setting outcome and experience measurements and indicators for all services.

The local stakeholder events fed into the development of their five-year south east London commissioning strategies, and formed part of a wider programme of engagement across south east London around.