Patient and public engagement in North West London


The Shaping a Healthier Future programme was launched in January 2012 with a document called the Case for Change. Its scope covered 8 boroughs, 9 hospitals and a population of more than 2 million people. The Case for Change document set out radical proposals for the re-organisation of health care provision across the North West of London. Included in the vision for change was a reorganisation of services on some hospital sites, including proposals to provide more specialist hospitals on fewer sites to treat patients with the most complex illnesses. OPM was commissioned to assist with a large scale consultation on the case for change with NHS staff, local authorities, patients and the public. This involved designing and facilitating a number of events and engagements with the public including deliberative events, events with NHS staff and public meetings.

What we did

During our 6 months of working with the Shaping a Healthier Future Team, both immediately prior and during the consultation period, we delivered:

  • 19 roadshows across 11 boroughs for members of the public. Two road shows were run in each NW London borough and 3 in neighbouring boroughs
  • 22 deliberative workshops with members of the public. These were aimed at those groups which Equality Impact Assessment had identified as being likely to be disproportionately affected by the proposed changes. These were run in each of the 8 boroughs and 3 neighbouring ones.
  • 14 events for NHS staff on hospital sites. Repeat events were held on those sites which requested them
  • 3 events for GPs. These were focussed on a borough where there was most concern amongst GPs.
  • 2 large scale public and stakeholder meetings as the beginning and end of the project. The latter one was attended by over 300 people and presented the results from the consultation.


Through our work we were able to evidence that the Shaping a Healthier Future programme has extensively engaged with the public, patients and stakeholders.  Our work was independently praised by the Consultation Institute which was brought in to evaluate the engagement activities.