Evaluation of Moneytalk Bournemouth, Quaker Social Action


In August 2014 Quaker Social Action (QSA) commissioned OPM to evaluate the Moneytalk programme in Bournemouth. Moneytalk is a financial education programme, delivered over 6 workshop sessions, which aims to equip people with the information, knowledge and tools they need to cope with financial difficulties. The evaluation sought to assess the impact of the programme on participants and local organisations involved in delivery, and to explore what worked well and less well about the programme design and deliver, and why.

What we did

OPM conducted a qualitative evaluation, and incorporated quantitative data collected and analysed by QSA into the report. We conducted in depth telephone interviews with workshop participants, referral partners and facilitator trainees over a seven month period, capturing the experiences and insights of those involved. This data was triangulated with monitoring information and surveys collated by QSA.


Workshop participants reported a number of benefits including: increase in their confidence in dealing with their finances; improved ability to save money, prioritise spending and budget effectively; and changes in attitude towards borrowing. Participants also learned how to talk about money with partners and family members in an honest and constructive way.

For QSA, the evaluation demonstrated that the Moneytalk programme could be adapted to work in different contexts (it was first run in London) and that local partnership arrangements were central to the success of the project. The evaluation provided both learning to inform the development of the programme, and a solid evidence base for its effectiveness.