Care Quality Commission Strategy consultation


Between 25 January and 14 March 2016 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) consulted on its proposed strategy for 2016-2021. The consultation document Shaping the future described CQC’s vision for regulation of the quality of health and adult social care services, and identified six themes that would be central to the delivery of the vision. The strategy proposals built on results from earlier engagement, which took place throughout 2015.

OPM Group was commissioned by CQC to advise on the design of the consultation, complete the analysis of all responses and produce an independent report for another round of consultation on a further draft of the 5 years strategy.

After discussion about their data requirements we also agreed to set up a Client Review site so they could interrogate the data first hand, this was particularly important as the strategy drafting timetable meant that the CQC Strategy team needed to start developing the next draft of the strategy alongside our analysis and reporting period.

What did we do

The consultation process included an online questionnaire as well as a series of consultation events hosted by CQC. A total of 304 people participated in the consultation events, including care providers, strategic partners, national sector organisations, other regulators and members of the public.

The consultation questionnaire consisted of both open and closed questions seeking respondents’ overall opinion on each of the six themes of the proposed strategy.

  1. CQC’s vision for quality regulation
  2. Improving CQC’s use of data and information
  3. Implementing a single shared view of quality
  4. Targeting and tailoring CQC’s inspection activity
  5. Developing a more flexible approach to registration
  6. Developing methods to assess quality for populations and across local areas.
  7. The total number of responses to the consultation was 768. Almost half of the responses were from care providers or professionals; more than 140 responses were from members of the public.

CQC also used other engagement methods to talk with the public, its staff and its external stakeholders, including targeted focus groups, online discussions and internal events. Outputs from these activities were included in the analysis.

We set up straightforward and secure mechanisms to transfer to response data from CQC and OPM Group, clearly documenting the process to ensure all involved could follow the process. We developed a coding framework to analyse the qualitative responses to the consultation, and used descriptive statistics to analyse and present the quantitative responses.

The project manager had weekly telephone calls with the project team at CQC so that we could keep CQC updated with the emerging themes from the analysis, address any issues or questions quickly, and find out about any relevant activities taking place at CQC that could influence the content or numbers of responses.

The report was produced within 4 weeks of the close of the consultation.


Our work fed into the development of the final strategy for 2016 to 2021. We enabled CQC to incorporate all of the feedback into their thinking, despite extremely tight timescales.

Our summary report is published on the CQC website alongside the strategy and their response to the consultation.