Care Quality Commission Annual Public Awareness and Sentiment Tracking Survey 2016


OPM Group was commissioned by Care Quality Commission (CQC) to carry out the latest iteration of its Annual Public Awareness and Sentiment Tracking Survey. This is a nationally representative online and telephone survey of 1,000 members of the public, designed to provide CQC with a clear understanding of how its brand, reputation and mission are perceived by the public.

What did we do

The survey questions, developed in discussion with the client, had dual purpose: some of them were repeats from previous years which allowed for data to be compared while others looked to obtain new information and insights.

Fieldwork was carried out in April 2016 and we conducted a mixture of telephone and online surveys. Participants’ data was purchased from an accredited consumer data supplier to parameters that enabled us to survey a representative sample of adults (18+) living in England.

For the telephone surveys, researchers were provided with a survey script, and data was collected using an online system, therefore providing time and cost efficiencies.

Our approach allowed us to complete the field work one week ahead of schedule.


We provided rigorous statistical analysis, allowing CQC to understand how their reputation is perceived by different demographic groups, those with different levels of experience in the healthcare systems and in different geographical regions.

The findings were summarised in a powerpoint report that was commended on its engaging and user-friendly presentation techniques.