Analytical support to the Newcastle Ways to Wellness Social Impact bond

OPM Group has been asked by Ways to Wellness, the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up to implement the Newcastle Social Impact Bond, to provide specific analytical support to help them understand ‘what works’.


The Newcastle SIB is the UK’s first health SIB and is very high profile. With four providers delivering the intervention, and supported through an SPV, they have been collecting significant amounts of data on activities, outputs and individual-level outcomes as measured by an Outcome Star.

What did we do

Ways to Wellness approached OPM Group to provide them with expert analytical and advisory support to help them organise and manage the data in a way that will support learning and improvement. This further involves helping them improve their internal data management systems and IT, as well as developing a coherent analytical framework.


Although the project is ongoing, we have already provided specific recommendations for data management systems and have helped Ways to Wellness develop a series of hypotheses to be tested. We have also made emerging sets of recommendations on service-user segmentation.