Our People

Robin Kimber

Robin joined OPM Group in October 2016 as a Consultant in Consultation & Engagement. He comes from a background of Physics research and teaching, from which he has developed skills in analysis and communication which he applies to his work at OPM Group.

 ‘My role is to ensure that the issues we consult and engage on, which are often highly complex and nuanced, are understood fully, that no detail is missed, and ultimately that everyone’s views and ideas are heard and fully taken into account. I come from a background where you have to understand, analyse and communicate huge datasets and complex topics to a wide range of audiences, from university professors to primary school children. I enjoy tackling complex issues and synthesising them in ways which are understandable without compromising on quality.’

‘One of the best aspects of working for OPM Group is that we engage on such a wide range of relevant issues and projects, from climate change, to airspace, to health.’