Our People

Rob Francis

Rob is interested in local government, partnerships, community capacity building and systems leadership.
Rob is an experienced facilitator and project manager working across projects in engagement, evaluation, change and transformation. Rob’s primary focus is on work which brings together organisational development and community development, supporting local authorities and CCGs to build capacity and participation amongst residents and service users. He designs and delivers everything from one-day workshops to year-long programmes of support, working with senior managers and strategic partnerships as well as elected members, frontline staff and community groups.

‘Of all the work we do at OPM, it’s those projects that focus on places that I find most interesting. Public services are vast and complex, but it’s in places – cities, towns, neighbourhoods – where all that complexity is boiled down to the core question of how people’s lives are made better or worse, easier or more difficult, as a result of the different service interactions they experience.

Against that backdrop, our work at OPM is often about helping public services to ‘join the dots’ – between high level vision and practical actions, between different priorities and outcomes, and between organisational development ‘inside’ and capacity-building ‘out there’ in communities. If we believe that sustained, positive change is powered more effectively through networks rather than hierarchies, then as a society we need to get better at connecting up our resources between councils, partners and local people.

The best thing about being at OPM is the calibre of people you get to work with, both colleagues and clients. There’s a real sense that we feed off each other’s ideas and interests, and for that reason, no project exists in a vacuum. I think our work is much stronger for that.’