Our People

Richard Field

Richard is committed to helping managers, directors, owners, trustees and politicians develop their capacity to lead and manage services, organisations, collaborations and communities.

He has two main interests; firstly helping leaders develop their capacity to work effectively with colleagues from within and outside their organisation, in connection with which he uses a range of psychometric instruments such as OPQ, PMC and MBTI. His second interest is helping organisational leaders develop effective approaches to commissioning, planning and budget management. Richard has authored or co-authored five text books including ‘Performance Coaching Skills for Social Work’, is an experienced management team facilitator and qualified executive coach.

Approach to Coaching

Richard’s approach to coaching draws strongly on behavioural, cognitive and NLP models and frameworks. Normally either John Whitmore’s GROW model or SNIP (Situation, Needs, Ideas and Plan) is used as an initial coaching framework, the material from which informs the selection of supporting techniques such as metaphor, drawing, constellations, perceptual positions and inner dialogue audits.