Our People

Peter Welsh

Dr Peter Welsh is Head of Evaluation at OPM Group.  He is a highly experienced mixed-methods researcher and project manager with an extensive background of evaluating policy and practice interventions at local, regional and national level.  Peter has over 20 years’ senior experience and a highly-sensitive approach to political and partnership environments.

“I have a passion for understanding what works and for organisational learning. I believe strongly that we should be constantly striving to refine and develop tools for research, evaluation and analysis and that these should be applied to improve outcomes for service users, organisations and their stakeholders. My career to date has allowed me to gain first-hand experience and understanding of the interface between service providers (government agencies and charities), decision makers and their client groups.

Since 2013 I have been especially active in applying research and evaluation for service innovation using social investment (such as SIBs) as a mechanism to bring private finance to deliver savings to the public sector whilst ensuring the highest quality outcomes for individuals and communities. My work has focused on youth unemployment, skills, community development, economic development, regeneration, heritage, children’s social care, adult mental health, children’s and adolescent mental health, reducing hospital admissions and childhood obesity.”