Our People

Paul Tarplett

Paul works with organisations on strategy, values and behaviours; and how to change structures, systems and cultures.

‘For the past 20 years I’ve worked with leaders to help them to create organisations that are both effective and good places to work. This typically involves facilitating top team thinking about strategy, values and behaviours; changing structures, systems and cultures and providing management and leadership development.

However, as public sector organisations have been required to achieve economic and social outcomes they have needed to find better ways of collaborating and working as part of systems or networks of organisations such as multi agency partnerships.

I am fascinated by the complex challenges posed by this shift of focus from single organisations to organisations as part of larger systems. And I am excited by the learning we can now apply from such diverse fields as evolutionary biology, cognitive science and soft systems thinking, as well as more traditional areas such as management thinking and organisational development.

Given the pressures being created by rising demand and reducing finance, it will be increasingly important to find ways to make systems work well. I’m interested in and contributing to our thinking about such areas as: managing public sector mergers, improving partnership working and system leadership, building social capital and using this and co-production to achieve social outcomes with fewer resources. I’m drawing on this thinking to help clients improve their capacity to achieve their goals – no matter how complex or challenging! What I hold on to, when things become very complex is that problems are more likely to be overcome and goals achieved if people can become more aware of their own thinking and behaviour, more reflective about it and more able to make choices about how they see the world, make decisions and behave towards others.

I’ve had the opportunity over the past year to work on some really interesting projects including: a major culture change programme; supporting a local authority with the shift to unitary status; researching the effectiveness of two tier and partnership working in local government.’