Our People

Munira Thobani

Munira is interested in developing leadership to build people’s capacity to make a real difference.

‘I have worked in public services for more than 20 years, always in posts which have been about working with others to make public services more responsive to diverse community needs, including developing new and appropriate services. My substantial experience in equality and diversity, social care, partnership working, renewed governance structures and processes and community involvement has given me a strong and practical grounding in change management and organisational development.

At OPM, I have successfully built on this experience and am currently involved in designing and delivering leadership and management development programmes in a range of different public services. I am also an experienced executive coach working with senior leaders in health, Learning and Skills Council and other public services.

I am especially interested in developing leadership at all levels in organizations and communities and to build confidence and capacity in these change agents in order to maximize their impact in making a real difference to achieving social outcomes for citizens. I am particularly excited by new opportunities for public managers to be more entrepreneurial in their approach to secure greater public value whilst addressing the need to deliver greater efficiencies.

I am enthusiastic about new ways of working and delivering services using efficiency tools and techniques which help public managers to be more outcomes focused. I have worked with teams and partnerships on outcomes based accountability (OBA), strategic commissioning, openstrategy (OS), lean thinking, and building support for social capital and co-production in services and have found a growing interest in these new approaches. My experience is that the shift in mindsets, behaviours and relationships necessary to apply these techniques are powerful and play a significant role in successfully meeting the challenges that are current in the leadership and delivery of public services.’