Our People

Lesley Campbell

Lesley has substantial experience of personal, management and organisational development work across the public sector, particularly local government and education. Since joining OPM in 1998 her work has focused on developing leadership effectiveness both within organisations and in partnership arrangements. Lesley is an experienced coach, tutor and action learning set facilitator.

Approach as an executive coach

  • To agree appropriate outcomes for the coaching intervention
  • To work with individual strengths and needs
  • To encourage realistic goal setting
  • To provide a safe environment and to encourage appropriate risk
  • To facilitate dialogue and reflection
  • To apply frameworks and models (such as psychometric instruments) to the realities of individual’s experiences
  • To attend carefully to clients
  • To enable senior managers to feel valued
  • To challenge established patterns and ways of thinking
  • To encourage an evidence base for interpreting and changing behaviour
  • To act as a critical friend when requested