Our People

Lesley Campbell

Lesley Campbell has worked with OPM for over 16 years and is an expert in people and organisational development. She recently became an associate after spending several years as Director of OPM’s people and organisational development team.

‘I enjoy the fast pace of high energy one-day workshops focused on particular themes and leadership challenges as well as the depth of longer-term development programmes. I am fascinated by the theory and practice of leadership and fervently believe that all managers and leaders in public services need to invest time and energy in their own development and that of others. Participants on our programmes learn together by addressing the complex issues that everyone in public service leadership faces. I find that my own past experience as a senior local government manager, a university lecturer and an educational adviser is helpful, but the most useful experience always comes from programme participants themselves. Long programmes allow people to develop networks of like-minded people in similar roles, and I always feel enthusiastic about being able to facilitate that.

I love working with managers who go on to become effective leaders across the public sector. My greatest satisfaction has come from designing and facilitating learning events for senior public service managers: flexible, challenging and practical programmes that build the vital skills and knowledge needed to manage complex organisations in a rapidly changing environment.’