Our People

Helen Brown

Helen is recognised as an expert in public service leadership and has a particular interest in the nature of leadership in ‘flat’ or partnership structures. She contributes extensively to the public sector leadership development agenda and, as an experienced executive coach, is familiar with the challenges facing senior managers and leaders. Since she joined OPM her work has focused on developing leadership effectiveness with senior leaders, building organisational capacity for change, and strategy formation. Before joining OPM her career was spent in higher education, including Warwick University Business School where she taught undergraduate and MBA programmes, and in public policy research examining a range of national initiatives in education and training.

My approach draws on:

  • A well-informed understanding of the pressures and dilemmas that face senior public service leaders.
  • An ability to help clients ‘stand back’ from the day to day, develop new insights and perspectives and gain the confidence to work in different ways.
  • A thorough knowledge of frameworks, theories and approaches which can support individual and organisational learning.
  • Helping people make connections between where they have been and where they are going, and to take appropriate risks to achieve their goals and work towards social outcomes.