Our People

Elliot Manches

Elliot is an award winning ethnographer and filmmaker with two main interests: people and problem-solving.

“I’m motivated by two primary interests: people, and problem-solving. The work I do means I get to discover and document people’s stories, understand their beliefs and motivations, and from there, work out what might benefit the client, and ultimately society as a whole.

My background is quite varied, which gives me a useful holistic approach, and a rich skill-set for each project. A long time ago I was a national Maths champion! But my interest in people and storytelling prevailed, and I studied filmmaking and literature at university in Kent, before becoming an industry-qualified journalist published at The Independent.

Since then, as an ethnographer I worked on a nationwide research project into binge-drinking in 2004, which won the Market Research Societyʼs Excellence & Effectiveness Award For Best New Thinking. As a filmmaker, my work has been shown on the BBC, Ch4, MTV, and at the Edinburgh International Film Festivalʼs Showcase For New British Talent, BAFTA and Sundance.

I’m also co-founder of Film For Humanity – an organisation providing free filmmaking workshops, to bring people together and share stories. Resulting films regularly appear on BBC and ITV online. And a few years back I taught literacy, numeracy and guitar at schools in Guatemala and Bolivia, and hung out with the Zapatistas as a Human Rights Observer in the Mexican jungle. I’m now back where I began, in old London town – though often travelling around the country for OPM or my company Close-Up Research.”