Our People

David Love

David is a qualified and experienced coach, with a strong track record in public service leadership development.

‘“I am interested in the role of learning in improving personal impact and performance – and see executive and team coaching as highly effective ways of blending business priorities with leadership development. I work to build leaders’ capacity to self-coach and use coaching techniques with colleagues as one way of building organisational cultures where individual and team learning contributes to improved outcomes for citizens.

“Public services are experiencing relentless challenge during this time of “austerity” and I place particular importance on enabling leaders to create and sustain public value in an ever-changing environment.

“My coaching and leadership development approaches draw on:

  • An in-depth understanding – from personal experience and from designing and delivering tailored leadership development programmes – of the challenges facing senior managers;
  • A commitment to helping managers become “reflective practitioners” so they can develop their confidence to perform more effectively, be innovative and take calculated risks;
  • A deep understanding of the learning process, including methods that can be used to stimulate and enhance personal development;
  • An ability to respond flexibly to the diverse needs of individual leaders in their particular organisational setting, providing an appropriate balance of support and challenge;
  • A whole systems perspective so that leaders can work productively with the connections between personal effectiveness and the bigger picture;
  • Belief that appreciative and creative approaches can strengthen leadership performance, leading to effective organisational development and improved outcomes;
  • A commitment to equality – both in ways of working with individuals and in helping leaders to develop effective approaches for progressing diversity outcomes in their work”