Our People

Clive Miller

Clive specialises in work on children’s and adults’ services, with a focus on innovative practice.

‘What makes me get out of bed in the morning is supporting public service organisations that work with people to make a real difference to their lives. Research into what produces effective outcomes shows that it is not services but rather what people do for themselves, supported or otherwise by services, that produces outcomes. This has led me to change the way I think and work with organisations to focus on how they can best work with citizens to more effectively coproduce outcomes.

Refocusing on coproduction and in particular personalisation has led me to work with many innovative front line practitioners, senior managers, lead elected members and partnerships. At the front line I have been involved in devolving power, to children and their families, through budget holding by lead professionals and the use of family group conferencing and, to adults, via personal budgets. Each of these developments has enabled people to assess their own needs and decide which supports could best complement their own efforts.

Enabling these practice changes in the front line has involved my working with projects on changing practice cultures, redesigning systems and the development of integrated multi agency practice and support structures. I have also been working with commissioners, providers and central government to reshape both universal and targeted services to provide the new types of personalised support that citizens now require. The ultimate buzz is getting feedback from people who use services that this really works for them and from practitioners this is what I really came into this type of work to do.’