Our People

Chih Hoong Sin

A passionate advocate of evidence-based and inclusive approaches to improving the quality and efficiency of public services, Chih Hoong is our Director of Innovation & Social Investment.

‘Wanting to make things better is something that drives me and I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a fantastic team of colleagues at OPM who share my passion. To me, valuing our public services means that we need to understand ‘value’ both in empirical terms backed by good evidence, but also in normative terms based on engagement across different perspectives. It is important for us to be clearer about what people need and whether a service is effective and good value for money. We must also be clearer about what different segments of society hold to be important in terms of our expectations of and aspirations for our public services.

There are massive transformations taking place in relation to our public services. With any change, there are always challenges and opportunities. We all have a stake in the future of our public services. Working with service commissioners and providers across different sectors, with practitioners, and with different segments of communities, I feel very privileged to be involved in evidence-based developments to improve the quality and efficiency of public services through working with those who pay for, those who deliver, and those who benefit from public services.’