Our People

Bea Noble-Rogers

Bea is an educationalist who has worked extensively at a national and local level with the Department for Education (DfE) initial teacher training (ITT) providers, local authorities (LAs) and schools. She is recognised for her ability to conceive and negotiate highly effective solutions to secure educational development and the constructive interpretation and implementation of national priorities.

“Leading Initial Teacher Training for the National Strategies (NS) and advising the Teaching Agency and DfE has given me unique knowledge and understanding of key education policy areas and allowed me to shape both policy and strategy. It has also given me the opportunity to play a role in, and gain understanding, of the processes underpinning system change.

Working directly with ITT providers to improve provision and re-engineer partnerships through consultation, evaluation and review of performance has provided me with an outstanding chance to learn about the principles which underpin bringing about effective and fundamental change at a local level, not least to develop leadership and management.

Establishing systems which empower and develop trust with stakeholders and which secure improvement is a skill which I fervently apply to all projects to maximize impact. I see this as involving such things as: devising explicit and full proof lines of communication and consultation; working with experts and drawing on their expertise to shape development;creating clear guidance which affords consistency and coherence but allows for customisation; ensuring transparency in terms of roles, responsibilities, priorities, Q&A and outcomes; and, implementing pre-planned and open evaluations to feed future developments.

I have worked with OPM on a number of national educational projects, commissioned by the DfE. Through this I came to understand something of the OPM way of working and I believe the skills, knowledge and experience outlined above would be usefully transferable a range of OPM projects.”