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There is a growing body of evidence about what works in integrating new migrants into society

Thursday 28 November 2013

Once again the Roma community have found themselves at the sharp end of a vigorous debate about the impact of mass immigration – and this time it’s taking place a little closer to home. Talk of a potential explosion of social discord if, as expected, a sizeable number of Roma arrive to live in the UK over the next two years has grown louder in recent weeks. High-profile politicians have predicted unrest and even violence in their constituencies if the Roma are allowed to settle in large numbers. Mixed in with well-made arguments about the pressures that new arrivals place on hard pressed public services and communities are far more scurrilous articles that suggest the writers have little understanding or empathy for this community. A recent piece in the Big Issue has tried to explode some of the myths that abound. Our own research into the needs of this Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in Kent has found that that this community faces huge economic, social, health related, and employment hardships.

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