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Safety Measurement and Monitoring Programme

Wednesday 21 January 2015

The Health Foundation has appointed OPM in partnership with wdid (Ward Downham Improvement Design) to work with them on the new Safety Measurement and Monitoring Programme. We will support the Health Foundation with the overall project management, learning capture and sharing, and the development of resources to support the potential next phase of the programme.

The programme will support those working in the NHS to test and develop a new way of measuring and monitoring safety. This is based on Professor Charles Vincent and colleagues’ measurement and monitoring framework, published by the Health Foundation in 2013. It aims to translate the research into an approach that can be successfully applied in diverse healthcare settings.

We will be working with three regional improvement organisations – Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA), Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy – who will each work with two frontline NHS organisations to test and develop this new framework over an 18 month period.

In partnership with the Health Foundation, OPM and wdid will work closely with the regional improvement organisations and frontline organisations to identify and create resources that can support others in the NHS to use the new approach to measuring and monitoring safety described by the framework.

The six frontline participant organisations are:

Each site will test the framework across a different service area. For example, Bradford District Care Trust will be looking at the interface and transitions between services for people with mental health problems. NHS Borders will be applying the framework to their care pathway for older people. The North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust will be developing safety measures to guide the care paramedics give to patients.