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Do you run or are you thinking of running a public service?

Wednesday 18 September 2013

There are several different sources of advice, support and funding available to staff, community groups and social entrepreneurs thinking of taking over and running public services independently.

The Mutuals Information Service (MIS) consortium, (of which OPM is a part), has produced an interactive routemap designed to help those looking or interesting in forming an independent, non public sector owned business or community organisation that operates with strong social or environmental goals and provides a ‘public service’ of some kind.

The routemap will help you chose your destination, (for example the website or helpline linked to the best suited funding programme), plan your journey and allow you to check you’ve got everything in place in order to have the maximum chance of getting the professional advice and expertise that’s right given your circumstances.

The MIS consortium comprises OPM, the Employee Ownership Association, Co-operatives UK, Social EnterpriseUK, Baxendale and PA Consulting.

The members of the consortium have extensive expertise in supporting and advising services that are seeking to mutualise.

Download the routemap for mutuals and social enterprise advice and funding