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Councils must get to know their self-funders to contain mounting care costs

Thursday 19 September 2013


Self-funders make up approximately 45% of residential care home places, 48% of nursing home placements and 20% of home care support. They may be unaware or unable to plan for their care and support needs; they may be making decisions at crisis points that are costly, or choices that are financially unsustainable; and they may not be fully aware of the full range of care and support options.

As such they have the potential to become very costly to the state and to local authorities in particular. However, the support provided to self-funders to enable them to secure effective and financially sustainable care varies widely form one area to another, is often of a very general nature and can be difficult to access. Only around half of local authorities even have estimates of the number of self-funders in their area.

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