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Open data, big data, rich data?

Thursday July 25 2013

DbyD recently signed up as members of the Open Data Institute a not-for profit set up by Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt  to catalyse an open data culture and attended their inaugural members networking event last night. The Institute aims to create the conditions for experts to collaborate, ideas to germinate and tools to develop that allow open data to be used… Read More

To ‘pressing citizenship and democratisation’ – the most memorable toast

Monday July 8 2013

This was the topic of a toasting competition during a fundraising event organised last week by the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation at the Romanian Cultural Centre in London. The toasting competition was intended to let participants to share their thoughts on Romanian democracy in an informal setting. Two dedicated Romanian civic organisations – the Ratiu… Read More

Place-based philanthropy works in Islington, but can it work elsewhere?

Friday July 5 2013

Ask a Londoner or someone familiar with the city for their opinion on Islington and chances are they’ll mention something about the borough’s affluence, its million pound houses for instance, or its boutique shops. It would most likely come as something of a surprise if their response was about the hardship the borough faces: such as… Read More


Evaluation of the Essex County Council’s Family Innovation Fund

Thursday December 21 2017

Increasing financial pressures on Local Authorities have seen Early Intervention services deprioritised and under-funded. This has left a gap in service for those families who do not qualify for statutory or specialist services but who do need support. There is now a body of evidence to support the argument that meeting the needs of these… Read More

Lucy Farrow has been named as Employee Owner of the Year

Tuesday November 28 2017

News release Tuesday November 28 Lucy Farrow has been named as Employee Owner of the Year Lucy Farrow of OPM Group is delighted to be announced as winner in the Employee Owner of the Year category in the UK Employee Ownership Awards. The awards run by the EOA and sponsored by Baxendale were held at… Read More

Proactive Data: Developing NMC’s Allegations Code Framework

Wednesday October 18 2017

The NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) recently published their annual report for 2016-2017. It refers to a project led by OPM Group to design and develop a new allegations code frame to help the NMC to better understand the allegations being brought against nurses and midwives. As the NMC explains: “This will enable us to… Read More