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Empowering the public services workforce to demonstrate their impact: Lessons from the nursing profession

Friday July 5 2013

“We have to get better at working as a business; to prove why we are needed and the difference we make. It’s not enough to feel you’re doing a good job”, said Poole Hospital’s Caroline Chandler earlier this month. Speaking at a seminar on how to prove the value of nursing, the Lead MS Nurse… Read More

What’s really going on in the minds of NIMBYs?

Thursday June 20 2013

Numerous studies tell us that many, if not the majority of people support the construction of onshore wind farms. Yet when specific schemes are proposed, they often meet with considerable opposition from local people. This discrepancy is often explained by use of the acronym NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard), to describe those who oppose… Read More

Cutting leadership development in children’s services could prove a false economy

Wednesday June 5 2013

In our leadership work with directors and assistant directors of children’s services, we are seeing a noticeable trend towards councils promoting from within, often at the same time as restructuring. While this is an understandable response to exceptionally high levels of staff turnover, with the average tenure of a director of children’s services (DCS) now under three… Read More


Using lessons from extremism for the Big Society

Monday August 23 2010

Unfortunately, extremists and those who hate are often good at organising people to engage in collective action. In some ways, extremists are mastering aspects of the Big Society agenda for the wrong goals. They use social media, common causes and collective action to divide societies. Take extreme organisations such as Islam4UK and the English Defence… Read More

Public opinion on budget cuts

Friday August 20 2010

We hear a lot about the financial savings that local authorities need to make over the next few years. We also know that there is a growing awareness among the public that the recent financial crisis is going to affect public services, but we hear less about how the public feel that savings can be… Read More

Addressing grievances through the Big Society

Wednesday August 11 2010

With the Government likely to significantly reconstruct, if not entirely dismantle, the Preventing Violent Extremism Programme, it is important to consider what role the Big Society agenda can play in mitigating the risks of people becoming extreme or involved in violent extremism. There are a range of risk factors associated with the process of radicalisation… Read More