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Open data, big data, rich data?

Thursday July 25 2013

DbyD recently signed up as members of the Open Data Institute a not-for profit set up by Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt  to catalyse an open data culture and attended their inaugural members networking event last night. The Institute aims to create the conditions for experts to collaborate, ideas to germinate and tools to develop that allow open data to be used… Read More

To ‘pressing citizenship and democratisation’ – the most memorable toast

Monday July 8 2013

This was the topic of a toasting competition during a fundraising event organised last week by the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation at the Romanian Cultural Centre in London. The toasting competition was intended to let participants to share their thoughts on Romanian democracy in an informal setting. Two dedicated Romanian civic organisations – the Ratiu… Read More

Place-based philanthropy works in Islington, but can it work elsewhere?

Friday July 5 2013

Ask a Londoner or someone familiar with the city for their opinion on Islington and chances are they’ll mention something about the borough’s affluence, its million pound houses for instance, or its boutique shops. It would most likely come as something of a surprise if their response was about the hardship the borough faces: such as… Read More


Using lessons from extremism for the Big Society

Monday August 23 2010

Unfortunately, extremists and those who hate are often good at organising people to engage in collective action. In some ways, extremists are mastering aspects of the Big Society agenda for the wrong goals. They use social media, common causes and collective action to divide societies. Take extreme organisations such as Islam4UK and the English Defence… Read More

Public opinion on budget cuts

Friday August 20 2010

We hear a lot about the financial savings that local authorities need to make over the next few years. We also know that there is a growing awareness among the public that the recent financial crisis is going to affect public services, but we hear less about how the public feel that savings can be… Read More

Addressing grievances through the Big Society

Wednesday August 11 2010

With the Government likely to significantly reconstruct, if not entirely dismantle, the Preventing Violent Extremism Programme, it is important to consider what role the Big Society agenda can play in mitigating the risks of people becoming extreme or involved in violent extremism. There are a range of risk factors associated with the process of radicalisation… Read More