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Evaluation of National Citizen Service (NCS)

OPM has recently completed an evaluation of National Citizen Service (NCS), one of the Coalition Government’s flagship initiatives for building a bigger, stronger society. NCS aims to provide young people with teamwork and leadership skills, experience of their local community, an opportunity to mix with other young people outside their friendship groups and to support… Read More

Giving Together: How Islington Giving is transforming local philanthropy

Islington Giving is a ground-breaking charitable campaign that tackles the most pressing issues facing residents in Islington, London. At the heart of the project is one simple idea: that the whole can be more than the sum of its parts. The campaign seeks to establish whether a combination of partnership, collaboration, local focus and local knowledge… Read More

Health & Wellbeing Boards: Orchestrating the possible for integrated care

Since moving out of the shadows to take on formal responsibility for improving health, wellbeing and reducing inequality, health and wellbeing boards are facing a huge challenge. With record cuts in local authority budgets, increasing demands due to an ageing population, the restructuring of the NHS, and a challenging public health agenda, the pressure is… Read More

London mental health models of care – competency framework

The London mental health models of care seek to improve the quality and outcomes of services for those experiencing a mental health crisis, and to support those with a long term mental health condition to better manage their own mental and physical health in line with a recovery approach. This competency framework has been developed… Read More

Review of the Family Fund Trust Research Report

In April 2012, the Department for Education commissioned the Moorhouse Consortium (including  OPM and Cognizant) to undertake a rapid review of the Family Fund Trust (FFT). The review, carried out between April 2012 and July 2012, had five main objectives: 1. To compare the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the current Family Fund model with… Read More

Evaluation of the NHS Patient Feedback Challenge

The NHS Patient Feedback Challenge is an innovative programme by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (NHS Institute) and funded by the Department of Health, which seeks to drive improvement in patient experience through the spread of best practice in the NHS. It promotes a rigorous approach to understanding, measuring and improving patient experience. Development funding totalling… Read More

Coproduction of health and wellbeing outcomes: the new paradigm for effective health and social care

This paper explores the common philosophy underpinning different approaches to coproduction and shared decision making in health and social care. We discuss similarities and differences between these two concepts, and some of the ways they are being applied in practice. We recommend that a number of trailblazer sites be created; such sites would commit to… Read More

Evaluation of CCE/NCB arts and cultural activities project with looked after children

OPM were commissioned by Creativity Culture and Education (CCE) to evaluate the impact of a programme of arts and cultural activities funded by CCE on three groups of looked after children. The project had been proposed by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) who also managed the project. The activities were delivered by three cultural organisations… Read More