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Therapeutic early interventions to prevent school exclusion and truancy

OPM was commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to evaluate three PHF-funded therapeutic school-based grantee initiatives, which aim to prevent and reduce the impact of school truancy and exclusions. The three projects, which ran as part of PHF’s Education and Learning programme, vary considerably in terms of scope and ambition, type and intensity of support provided, and… Read More

Impact Evaluation of the SEND Pathfinder Programme

OPM was commissioned by the Department for Education as part of consortium lead by SQW, and including Ipsos MORI and BPSR, to undertake the evaluation of the SEND Green Paper Pathfinder Programme. The main aims of the independent evaluation were to establish if approaches developed by the pathfinders: increase real choice and control and improve… Read More

Anglian Water: Discover, Discuss, Decide

Anglian Water commissioned a large programme of customer and stakeholder research and engagement activity to inform the 2014 Price Review process, as well as the company’s longer-term business planning. Through this programme, the company explored the views of household customers in a wide range of different circumstances, business customers of various sizes operating in a… Read More

Effective strategic commissioning of children’s residential care homes

OPM was commissioned by the LGA to conduct research into the more effective strategic commissioning of children’s residential care homes.  The research focused on three aspects of commissioning: needs analysis; matching needs and supply; and quality assurance and monitoring. We reviewed published literature, undertook extensive interviewing, conducted an online survey of children and young people… Read More

Emerging impacts of the Early Language Development Programme

The Early Language Development Programme (ELDP) is an early intervention training programme funded by the Department of Education (DfE) and led by I CAN. Since February 2012, the programme has been helping to create a better skilled workforce, with the knowledge, confidence and skills to support speech, language and communication development in the early years…. Read More

Mutual and social enterprise advice and funding routemap

There are several different sources of advice, support and funding available to staff, community groups and social entrepreneurs thinking of taking over and running public services independently. The Mutuals Information Service (MIS) consortium, (of which OPM is a part), has produced an interactive routemap designed to help those looking or interesting in forming an independent,… Read More

Older people who self fund their social care: A guide for health and wellbeing boards and commissioners

Working with Sitra, OPM has produced a free guide to help local authorities consider the needs of self-funders and plan for the new social care system. Designed to be used by health and wellbeing boards and commissioners, with engagement from self-funders, the guide aims to raise awareness, improve strategic planning and system design, and provide… Read More

Implementing shared decision making: an evaluation and learning report of the MAGIC programme

OPM has recently completed a learning report and evaluation of the Health Foundation funded, Making Good Decisions in Collaboration (MAGIC) programme, which aimed to develop and test practical ways to implement shared decision making (SDM) in different clinical settings. The learning report is based on seven improvement stories developed by the OPM as part of… Read More