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Removing barriers, raising disabled people’s living standards

This report contains the findings from a research programme aimed at understanding disabled people’s priorities for change. The research was commissioned by the disability charity Scope, and conducted by OPM (focus groups and qualitative interviews) and Ipsos MORI (national survey). This research contributes to the evidence base and to the case for action to work… Read More

NWG Network Evaluation

The NWG Network is a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 473 organisations and more than 2,700 points of contact to disseminate information on the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking within the UK. Their Network covers voluntary, statutory and private services. It offers support and advice, raises the profile… Read More

vInspired 24/24 Programme Evaluation

In August 2011 vInspired commissioned OPM to conduct an evaluation of the 24/24 programme. This report presents the findings from three strands of the evaluation including the initial scoping phase, three waves of qualitative fieldwork held at four provider sites from October 2011 to February 2013, and analysis of Life Choice survey data conducted at four points over a… Read More

Opportunities to exploit and challenges to overcome in the implementation of integrated care

This policy paper is intended to aid policy makers and local health and social care leaders who are taking the integration agenda forward. Informed by a recent roundtable discussion, as well as OPM’s own experience, the paper shares lessons and insights from people actively implementing different integration models.

Evaluation of the Proactive Grants Programme in Autism

In April 2013, the Clothworkers’ Foundation commissioned OPM and independent consultant Linda Redford to evaluate the Proactive Grants Programme in Autism (PGPA). The PGPA was established in 2008, with £1.25 million allocated over five years. The programme’s aims were to: improve the lives of people with autism and their families/carers; improve awareness, knowledge and understanding of the… Read More

Coaching: A guide to helping people to succeed at work

This guide is for anyone wanting to use coaching skills to help colleagues succeed. In particular, it is intended for managers and those with responsibility for enabling staff. Coaching is a rapidly growing method for helping people to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims, manage change and overcome personal challenges. It can be used both… Read More

The Sure Start Children’s Centres Community Management Support programme

In September 2012, the Department for Education funded 4Children to deliver the Sure Start Children’s Centres Community Management (Sure Start CCCMS programme), which was aimed at increasing parental and community involvement in children’s centres. Through the Sure Start CCCMS programme, 4Children provided support to ten groups of parents and community members to help them bid… Read More

Wellington 2020

This document sets out a vision for Wellington centre in 2020. It focuses specifically on the future functions and prosperity of the centre of Wellington, defined here as the area within and just outside the ring road. It does not purport to be a comprehensive vision for life in Wellington – important issues such as education and… Read More