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Creative influence: Public interest research report

Creative influence: Research led by young people presents findings and reflections from an independent piece of work examining the influence of research led by young people. The Office for Public Management (OPM) sponsored this project as part of our public interest work, through which we demonstrate our commitment to improving the well-being of communities and… Read More

Public Service Futures: Research Report Volume 3, Places of the Future

Public Service Futures is an ambitious programme which OPM sponsors as part of our commitment to improving social results. Through events and publications, Public Service Futures brings together visionary thinkers and public service decision makers to help them decide how best to prepare for the future.

Evaluation of Information Prescriptions

To ensure the successful design and delivery of information prescriptions nationally, the Department of Health (DH) recruited 20 pilot sites to test and provide evidence on the effectiveness and impact of IPs on users, carers, professionals and organisations, including the voluntary sector. The pilots are located in a range of health and social care settings,… Read More

Disabled people’s experiences of violence research report

This research found that disabled people are at higher risk and experience greater levels of targeted violence in comparison to non-disabled people. The wider context of poverty and deprivation experienced by many disabled people, coupled with having more than one ‘minoritised identity’ can compound risk. The emphasis on help and protection underpinning much of existing… Read More

Leadership of place: light touch mapping

The Improvement and Development Agency for local government (IDeA), the Leadership Centre for Local Government, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, and the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) jointly commissioned OPM to conduct research into current activity around leadership of place. The research used interviews and a review of documents to map current activity and… Read More

Experiences and Expectations of Disabled People

In September 2006, the Office for Disability Issues (ODI) commissioned a programme of research to explore the lives of disabled people in Britain today. The research aims to update and develop previous research conducted by the National Centre for Social Research in 2001 (Grewal et al., 2002), and by NOP in 1996, addressing information gaps… Read More

Children’s Services Interventions Evaluation

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) commissioned OPM  to conduct an evaluation of children’s services interventions in five local authorities: Walsall, Waltham Forest, Swindon, North East Lincolnshire, and Plymouth. The aim of this evaluation was to provide an independent, external view on the impact of recently ended major DCSF interventions.  

Understanding the relationship between NHS and Chairs and Chief Executives

The nature of the relationship between the Chair and the Chief Executive can have a significant impact on an organisation but there has been little recent research on the quality of this relationship within NHS organisations. In 2009 the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement commissioned OPM (Office for Public Management) to improve our knowledge… Read More