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The new neighbourhood army – The role of community organising in the Big Society

The Coalition Government regards community organising as a way to rebuild communities, help transfer power from the state to local people and foster community activism. Community organising, with its belief in providing local people with an independent voice, and its grass roots and local focus, is very appealing in these challenging economic times and fits… Read More

The benefits of meaningful interaction

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) commissioned the OPM to conduct a review of the evidence relating to meaningful interaction. OPM is an independent research and development organisation that works with public services across sectors to improve social outcomes. The study focuses on collating and analysing the existing evidence relating to: the key… Read More

Shared ownership in practice

There is a major drive at national and local levels to increase the use of cooperatives, mutuals and other models for employees, users and communities to take over ownership of public services. This has resulted in the Cabinet Office’s  ‘mutual pathfinders’, and plans for new ‘rights to provide’ to allow public sector employees to take… Read More

Significant inequalities in Scotland: Identifying significant inequalities and priorities for action

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland commissioned OPM to carry out research into the most significant inequalities in Scotland and how public authorities can focus their efforts to best effect in tackling them. This work is aimed at informing and influencing the Scottish Government’s National Outcome 7, which is concerned with tackling the… Read More

Effective commissioning supports good strategic decisions

A checklist for good commissioning to assess how well you are doing and what to aim for. Contains a comparison of effective and ineffective commissioning. Aimed at local authorities and adult and children’s services.


OPM research shows that personal budgets require a big change in the relationship between care managers and budget holders and that many staff struggle to make the transition. OPM can provide both ‘light-touch’ evaluative expertise to enable local authorities to assess the effectiveness of their self-directed support processes, as well as staff development for team… Read More

Useful questions for local authorities about the future of education

During these turbulent and uncertain times, these questions will help you to make good strategic decisions in the interest of children and families rather than particular services or professions. OPM can help schools with strategic planning, governance and stakeholder engagement. We can provide confidential coaching and tailored support and advice to senior leaders in children’s… Read More

Creativity and education in the Prevent agenda

Creativity, Culture & Education (CCE) commissioned OPM to conduct an evaluation of the CCE Prevent Programme. The CCE Prevent Programme works with creative agents, cultural practitioners, community activists and schools in selected areas in England to build the resilience of communities to violent extremism. As part of this evaluation, we were asked to conduct a… Read More