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Establish structures for effective commissioning: mix and match your way to a better system

A practical tool for commissioners to ‘mix and match’ your way to a better commissioning system.

Getting It Right: Piloting Specialist Care for People with Radiation-related Problems

The large majority of the 228 members of RAGE (Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure) have severe and complex conditions for which they are getting little or no clinical support and treatment. This project set up 15 national pilot clinics to test whether a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals could assess the needs of those with this… Read More

Assessment of the Economic Impact of IAPT Employment Support Services in London

In 2011, OPM conducted an economic evaluation of IAPT employment support services in partnership with the regional IAPT implementation team, Working for Wellness. It involved direct research with five employment support services delivered as part of IAPT in 15 London Primary Care Trusts. The principal aim of the study was to examine the return on… Read More

Financial relationships with third sector organisations

The National Audit Office commissioned OPM to research the Government’s financial relationships with third sector organisations. In so doing OPM looked at the existing guidance and the experience of stakeholders in commissioning third sector organisations in provider roles for local authorities and primary care trusts. The resultant decision support tool seeks to provide practical support… Read More

Improving outcomes for disadvantaged young people – Case studies of effective practice

This publication sets out sixteen case studies of providers, who are working successfully to close the gap for young people aged 14-19 coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. In collaboration with YPLA, the Office for Public Management researched and wrote up the case studies.

How to become an employee owned mutual – An action checklist for the public sector

This guide is for staff and managers in public sector organisations who are considering taking over ownership of the services they provide. The benefits of employee ownership have led to cross-party political commitment to increasing the role of employee-led mutuals and co-operatives in providing public services. Public sector workers are being given a ‘right to… Read More

Shared Ownership in Practice: Case studies of five public service mutuals

This report gives more detail about the journeys taken by staff and communities who have taken over ownership of public services and assets. The case studies trace the challenges and success factors faced in five areas: Oldham, North Dorset, Rochdale, Stockport and Northamptonshire. The strategic learning report about these and two other ‘mutuals’ is also available.

Things we wish we’d known – top tips for setting up health improvement programmes

This guide draws together some of our learning, identifying both things we did well and ‘if only we knew then’ tips and resources to help teams planning programmes to improve health or reduce health inequalities. It draws on lessons learnt from a programme jointly developed by NHS Manchester and Manchester City Council, known as points4life.