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Mythical Maze Makers: An impact study of youth volunteering on the Summer Reading Challenge in 2014

Summer Reading Challenge volunteering (SRCv) is a Reading Agency programme targeted at young people aged 12-24 and involves volunteering in libraries over the summer to help with the running of the annual Summer Reading Challenge (SRC). In 2013, nearly 6000 young people were recruited as Summer Reading Challenge volunteers in 1454 libraries across 137 local… Read More

Leap Seconds: UK Public Dialogue

In 2015, member countries of the International Telecommunications Union will decide whether to maintain leap seconds, the mechanism by which clock time (based on the timescale Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC) is kept in sync with solar time (time determined by the rotation of the Earth and the apparent movement of the Sun through the… Read More

Evaluation of the Leading Integrated System Level Change Programme

The Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) is a membership organisation supporting NHS commissioners, providers and their partners. In April 2014, AQuA began delivery of a new support programme ‘Leading Integrated System Level Change 2014/15’. The programme involves a series of master classes on large-scale change and complex adaptive system theory and distributed leadership. It also includes… Read More

Evaluation of Making it Better

Evaluating the programme to reconfigure maternity, neonatal and children’s services in Greater Manchester In 2013, the former North-West Strategy Health Authority commissioned an evaluation of the ‘Making it Better’ reconfiguration programme that took place in Greater Manchester between 2000 and 2012. The purpose of this evaluation was to review good practice and lessons learnt from the… Read More

Warm Home Discount – Energy Advice: Consumer Experiences

Context The Energy Act 2010 provided the Secretary of State with powers to introduce support schemes for the purpose of reducing fuel poverty. These powers have been exercised through the Warm Home Discount Regulations 2011 to establish the Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme. The WHD scheme is a 4-year initiative running from April 2011 to… Read More

Rural library services in England: exploring recent changes and possible futures

In recent years, public library services have undergone – and continue to undergo – a huge amount of change. That change has been felt across library services, but due to their limited size and lower footfall, rural libraries have been placed under particular pressure and have gone through some of the most radical changes in… Read More

Evaluation of the Integrated Care Communities 2 Programme (incorporating the Integration Discovery Community)

In April 2013 the Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) commissioned OPM to evaluate its Integrated Care Community 2 (ICC2) programme; the remit was subsequently expanded to incorporate learning from the Integration Discovery Community (IDC) programme. The evaluation focuses on assessing which programme elements are: —    Most valued by the members and why —    High impact and the… Read More

Closing the Gap through Changing Relationships: evaluation

The Health Foundation’s Closing the Gap through Changing Relationships programme was launched in 2010. The programme funded seven projects, which aimed to change one or more of three types of relationships: between the individual using a service and those who work in healthcare provision between people using services and the wider healthcare system between communities… Read More