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Systems Leadership: A view from the bridge

Across the public and third sectors, we are beginning to accept a new way of thinking about the leadership required, applying the theory of ‘systems thinking’ to the practical reality of trying to achieve complex change. For both practitioners in OD and leadership development and for leaders themselves, there is an important opportunity now to exchange… Read More

A guide to economic assessment in nursing

Thid guide supports the work of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and OPM, who are working together to provide training in how to perform economic assessments and use economic evidence to demonstrate the value of nurse-led innovation. It is a collection of articles that explain some of the principles of economic assessment and describe… Read More

Evaluation of the Early Language Development Programme

The Early Language Development Programme (ELDP), commissioned and funded by the Department for Education (DfE), and delivered by a consortium led by I CAN, aimed to increase practitioner capability by adopting a cascade approach to training and awareness-raising. The programme built on learning from previous early years speech, language and communication development programmes, including Every Child… Read More

Mythical Maze Makers: An impact study of youth volunteering on the Summer Reading Challenge in 2014

Summer Reading Challenge volunteering (SRCv) is a Reading Agency programme targeted at young people aged 12-24 and involves volunteering in libraries over the summer to help with the running of the annual Summer Reading Challenge (SRC). In 2013, nearly 6000 young people were recruited as Summer Reading Challenge volunteers in 1454 libraries across 137 local… Read More

Leap Seconds: UK Public Dialogue

In 2015, member countries of the International Telecommunications Union will decide whether to maintain leap seconds, the mechanism by which clock time (based on the timescale Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC) is kept in sync with solar time (time determined by the rotation of the Earth and the apparent movement of the Sun through the… Read More

Evaluation of the Leading Integrated System Level Change Programme

The Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) is a membership organisation supporting NHS commissioners, providers and their partners. In April 2014, AQuA began delivery of a new support programme ‘Leading Integrated System Level Change 2014/15’. The programme involves a series of master classes on large-scale change and complex adaptive system theory and distributed leadership. It also includes… Read More

Evaluation of Making it Better

Evaluating the programme to reconfigure maternity, neonatal and children’s services in Greater Manchester In 2013, the former North-West Strategy Health Authority commissioned an evaluation of the ‘Making it Better’ reconfiguration programme that took place in Greater Manchester between 2000 and 2012. The purpose of this evaluation was to review good practice and lessons learnt from the… Read More

Warm Home Discount – Energy Advice: Consumer Experiences

Context The Energy Act 2010 provided the Secretary of State with powers to introduce support schemes for the purpose of reducing fuel poverty. These powers have been exercised through the Warm Home Discount Regulations 2011 to establish the Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme. The WHD scheme is a 4-year initiative running from April 2011 to… Read More