Breakfast Seminar: Empowering the public services workforce to demonstrate their impact and economic value – Lessons from the nursing profession

Join us for this free seminar where you will hear about innovative developments within the nursing workforce that are empowering nurses to adopt evidence-based approaches to meet the quality and efficiency challenge. The lessons learned in this session are relevant across wider public services.


The spending cuts, coupled with large-scale transformations, have imposed considerable demands on the public services workforce. They are required to do ‘more for less’, while workforce numbers have been shrinking. They also need to acquire new skills and competencies to help them grapple with new and mounting challenges.

There is renewed focus on clarifying impact, and the social and economic value of different public services to help justify and rationalise the financial costs involved. However, evidence can only be impactful if those responsible for using it feel a sense of ownership over it and know how to use it to continuously improve services. The public services workforce has a key role to play in this.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Caroline Chandler, Lead MS Nurse Specialist, Poole Hospital – Caroline will share her experience of participating in the GEMSS project, a capacity building initiative run by the MS Trust which works with MS specialist nurse teams to develop their skills and confidence for evaluating and communicating their service impact.
  • Jill Nicholls, Heart Failure Specialist Nurse, NHS Tayside – Jill will discuss her experience of participating in a programme designed by OPM to build the capability of nurses to demonstrate the economic impact and value of nurse-led services, and to use the intelligence to continuously transform the quality and efficiency of care.

They will be joined on the panel by:

  • Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development, MS Trust
  • Dr Chih Hoong Sin, Principal, OPM
  • Janet Davies (Chair), Director of Nursing and Service Delivery, Royal College of Nursing

More info

This seminar is part of the OPM Valuing Public Services breakfast seminar series, and on this occasion is organised in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing, with participation from the MS Trust.

Breakfast will be served from 8.00am (for an 8.30am start) and the seminar will be finished by 10.30am. If you have any special access or dietary requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

For more information please email or call Rosie Keefe on 020 7239 7816.