Validating Strategies Workshops

A one-day workshop for commissioners using the OpenStrategies /PRUB approach to help you to focus commissioning activity and process on improving outcomes.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Understand the PRUB approach
  • Know how to apply the approach as a commissioner to validate commissioning strategies and plans
  • Know how to apply the approach to inform decisions about reducing internal transaction costs and decommissioning
  • Refresh your understanding of outcome focussed commissioning and how to do it well

The day will start with an interactive presentation to bring you up to date on the latest developments in commissioning and the importance of outcome focused commissioning as a tool for system change and cost reduction. The second half of the morning will be a presentation of Validating strategies and its components PRUB. After lunch we will give you a chance to work in groups to test the approach on commissioning strategies chosen by participants.

Bring a strategy with you to validate or choose a strategy in development and learn how to shape it using PRUB. The day will end with a discussion of how you can apply PRUB to the four phases of the commissioning cycle – Analyse, Plan, Do, Review. We will be drawing on the work of Dr Phil Driver, published in his book Validating Strategies (2014). You will receive a copy of the book at these workshops.


Please indicate which days you can manage and we will run the event on the day that most people can attend. We can also run a bespoke Validating strategies workshop in your local authority for either commissioners or service providers or both.


Judith Smyth is an expert in commissioning and governance. She led on the National Commissioning Support Programme (Children) and has built a strong body of work in Children’s, Adults and now corporate commissioning programmes.

Munira Thobani has expertise in systems leadership and change management and has also been involved in delivering training programmes on commissioning in local authorities and with the private and voluntary sectors. Both Judith and Munira have applied OpenStrategies PRUB approach to review, as well as develop, strategies focused on improving outcomes for individuals and communities.