Empowering Leadership Programme

Your challenges: Our Programme

The Empowering Leadership programme supports talented managers who are at the forefront of thinking and practice in re-shaping and leading public services. Building on our ‘gold standard’ programme at Ashridge, we will provide you with the tools and ideas to lead, engage and empower others to deliver public value and social results. The theme of this programme is stepping up to work collaboratively with others, including communities, to shape the future of public services.

Our programme is based on working at the cutting edge of change in public services. It will give you solid foundational skills to work with complexity, operate effectively in a climate of uncertainty, whilst meeting the real challenges in your day to day work. You will also get the opportunity to work alongside other aspiring leaders across different sectors involved in public services. Our aim is to build leadership fit for purpose at the centre of which is competent, imaginative, flexible, ethical and visionary leadership.

We can run this programme locally for a single organisation or a group of organisations in a particular area.

What will you achieve?

  • Enhanced managerial and leadership skills to support you for new demands and changing roles.
  • Improve your performance in managing services and organisational transformation.
  • Develop best-practice solutions to the opportunities and challenges facing your organisation.
  • Achieve the most from collaborations in commissioning and providing services.
  • Build effective political skills to operate effectively in the organisation and with partners and collaborators.

This programme will benefit…

Aspiring managers in roles with potential to lead transformation in local services, possessing a high degree of management skill and talent, and be employer sponsored.

Managers from a wide range of professional backgrounds, in local authorities, fire and rescue, private companies, voluntary or charitable organisations, housing associations, health commissioners and providers, police services, social enterprises, and service-user organisations. Your employer should be committed to developing and retaining you as part of their pool of current and future leadership talent.

We offer you the opportunity to…

  • Attend three residential learning modules (a total of 7.75 days) over five months at Ashridge Business School.
  • Undertake a radical transformation project that will provide tangible benefit for your organisation.
  • Do practical and experimental work and hear from dynamic and experienced guest speakers.
  • Explore winning ideas and practice from across the sectors with different organisational cultures.
  • Receive coaching and support from colleagues, buddies and an experienced team of tutors and executive coaches.
  • Gain access to Ashridge Library and Virtual Learning Resource Centre (VLRC).
  • Receive feedback from your colleagues and peers on your current leadership and personal styles through a bespoke ‘AIMS’ 360° tool and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The modules

1.  Strengthening personal leadership

  • Understand the changing and demanding social, economic and political context for public services.
  • Review personal leadership skills and behaviours – through AIMS 360º.
  • Inquire into management and leadership required to transform public services.
  • Build effective personal leadership to influence with impact the leadership system in which you operate.
  • Work with the strategic context to define your transformation project, the business case, and
  • Understand self and others, learning through difference and opening your minds to radically re-thinking public services.

2.  Building organisational leadership

  • Build strategic leadership within organisational and locality context using strategy tools to support innovation and change.
  • Understand best practice in commissioning and building effective relationships to maintain dynamic public services.
  • Develop and test theories of change – exploring current thinking about change in uncertain and complex times.
  • Re-design and re-shape public services including enhanced understanding of social value and economic evaluation of public services.
  • Manage and lead people through transitions.

3.  Leading in collaborations across systems

  • Understand systems leadership and what it means to work in collaborations and partnerships.
  • Consider and manage the changing organisational forms, roles and relationships in public service organisations and communities.
  • Learn from localism initiatives, total and place based innovations, applying the lessons learnt.
  • Develop your community leadership within highly political and challenging environments.
  • Deepen your practice in stakeholder engagement and unlocking local capacity in communities to co-produce social results.

Our track record in delivering this programme

This programme builds on the successful Future Leadership programme and OPM’s successful history of designing and delivering future leadership programmes with Ashridge Business School for over 10 years. We are a highly regarded public service leadership development provider working with leading practitioners in the field of public services evaluation, policy and practice. Our programmes have produced over 1,000 leaders of public service provision. OPM is now the main provider of this programme.

Programme fees

The cost of the programme is £4,400 + VAT. This includes accommodation, course materials, meals and refreshments.


For further information and to register, please contact Sheba Cheung at or on 020 7239 7873.